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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quiz Bowl?

Quiz Bowl is a team-based trivia game. The game itself is easy to learn and is based on "tossup" questions that either team can answer and bonuses that are given to the team that answers the tossup correctly. Any academic material is fair game in quiz bowl, ranging from Norse mythology to computer science and everywhere in between.

How do you play?

The questions start with a tossup question, a lengthy question with progressively easier hints, where anyone on the team can buzz in anytime to try to answer (each team can only try once per question). The team that gets the question right can then try to answer a series of shorter bonus questions.

What does the club do?

During meetings we typically go through 1-2 packets of questions or write our own questions. Meetings are a lot of fun, even if you don't know any of the answers.

Some useful links about Quiz Bowl

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